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Working with bassplayer Leo Mongula, to arrange some of my 'old' songs, to go 'live' with them! Songs like: Save Me , Bring it Home and Driving Home now have completely different arrangements....ME LIKE!!!! We will bring these songs 'live' to you, together with saxplayer/ guitarplayer Thomas Manetti, and mr. Groove: Big Ben Andela!

Bought this beauty, as I fell in love with the great sound and playability. This one was born in 1976 as the first attempt for guitar manufacturer Gibson, to create the first Gibson single coil guitar. Sales at that time was disapointing, but the sound of this guitar stays simply AMAZING!!!!!!

Great party!


Andrew's Workout had a great party @ Groningen at a private party! With Lowik vd Velden on guitar, Leo Mongula on bass, Vincent Bodt on drums and guest performance of Tollak Ollestadt!

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